Let It Rock

A delightfully ruffled gamine, reverse layered cut inspired by the iconic Sassoon look The Mouche, a landmark look created in the late sixties that heralded the second wave of Sassoon geometrics. The complementary colour is a sublime combination of a soft cool brown base tone, subtly accentuated by slices and weaves in tones of steel grey and cool violet.


How to access

Annual membership

$190.00 / year

The membership includes premium content such as collection launches and demonstrations.


How do I share a course with my friends?

It's easy. Just direct your friend to come to www.sassoon-online.com to take a look at our courses, sign up, and enrol. If there's a coupon code applicable, you'll have the opportunity to apply it at checkout.

When following a course; do I need to complete all the material in a chapter to progress to the next?

No - each chapter's material is independent from one another. If you miss a day or lesson, you can always catch up at your own pace.

How can I reach your support team?

Please email us at [email protected] and a colleague will be in touch within 2 working days.