Reverse layering and back brushed highlighting creates a look that has a modern rock chic appeal. Mid length layers are cut into a series of panels that create length but remove weight for a cool, diffused look. Backbrush highlighting and toning creates a halo of tones that diffuse through a golden blonde base, for a look that is as edgy as it is beautiful.

Cut by: Mark Hayes
Colour by: Janice Hunter


Androgynous elegance is key to this look that also features an innovative colour technique. A Short graduated nape contrasts with a longer swept top for a modern take on the classic Eton crop. The colour features a geometric application of muted darker colours that echo a Rothko canvas and gently diffuse through the base tone of rich brown. A look that has timeless appeal.

Cut by: Mark Hayes
Colour by: Caroline Spencer


Layers that radiate from a central point in the back and areas of zig zag layering form the foundation for this look. The colouring is simple and effective and builds on geometric panels of red through the sides within a bright orange base. This shape would be an indispensable method in any modern stylists repertoire as it is both functional and appealing. A modern classic cut with stunning colour application.

Cut by: James Greaves
Colour by: Pink Grubb


An artfully constructed shape that features a new method of layering where sections radiate from a central point to produce a technique that is as gorgeous as it is versatile and useful. The two-tone colouring technique is based on the hallmarks of shape and balance, the world-renowned proprietary colouring system employed by Sassoon. The look is modern, cool and understated in the best way. another timeless classic from Sassoon.

Cut by: Silvia Salerno
Colour by: Carla Salceda Vázquez


The seventies Mouche and Havington reimagined with an intricate disconnected cutting and colouring technique. Short punky layers contrast with longer wefts of hair through the edge for the ultimate rock chic look. The colour is built in geometric areas that slice through the longer lengths, creating a dynamic contrast with the pure white base. This is a look that has endless variations and many salon applications.

Cut by: Lina Ryan
Colour by: Carla Salceda Vázquez


A mid length layered shape that features the new barcode colour technique. Undercut panels combine with longer layered lengths to produce an effortlessly elegant shape that has echoes of the iconic layered looks of the nineties supermodel era. The colour is comprised of bands of monochromatic light and dark that shine through the natural base, for a look that exudes sultry glamour.

Cut by: Kitty Latham
Colour by: Carla Salceda Vázquez




For over 40 years, International Creative Director Mark Hayes has been inspiring hairdressers with his passionate approach and his technical expertise. Mark’s signature style - a series of pared-down looks reflecting his love of modernist art and architecture - puts him at the forefront of global hair design, taking him all over the world coaching, teaching and inspiring.

Mark’s yearly schedule revolves around developing the seasonal collections and leading the worldwide demand for Sassoon Hair Design. As he puts it, "I take great pride in continuing the Sassoon legacy. My goal is to give more people more creative opportunities more of the time. It has been an incredible journey so far”.



Caroline’s career with Sassoon began at the age of 15 when she joined the Apprenticeship Programme following a chance encounter at a Careers Convention.

During her training, Caroline soon realised that her true passion was in colour and credits UK Colour Director, Edward Darley, Tracey Hayes and Julianne O’Brien for each giving her a different take on colour and encouraging her to develop her unique talent.

On completion of her Apprenticeship, Caroline joined the London Academy as a Colouring Instructor and now holds the coveted position of Senior Colour Director. Caroline has developed a reputation as a Master Colourist with her finger on fashion's pulse and frequently travels across the world with Sassoon, working alongside the International Creative Team on a wide range of seminars and shows.



Silvia first fell in love with Sassoon back in the early ‘90s after finding herself drawn to the innovative presentations at the Alternative Hair Show. Silvia began her Sassoon journey eight years later where, upon qualifying she began her teaching career at the London Academy.

Silvia’s flair, passion and drive resulted in her being awarded the position of Creative Director in 2005 and subsequently Senior Creative Director in 2013. Silvia is based at the London Academy where she has a faithful following of international guests and regularly contributes key looks to world renowned Sassoon Collections.

Her role has taken her worldwide for industry shows and seminars, Russia for Trend Vision, Australia for Hair Expo and Taiwan for Wella, and regularly travels to Europe to promote Sassoon collections and participates in live demonstrations at high profile shows such as Salon International and events including London Fashion Week as a vital member of the Creative Team.



Carla began her career with Sassoon as a Varderer before transferring to Sassoon Academy, London as a Colouring Instructor where she quickly became an integral member of the education team and a favourite with the Spanish students!

Carla has a true passion for teaching and is inspired by her students every day. She loves meeting students from all around with the world with their different backgrounds and cultures and believes she learns as much from them as they do from her.

Carla now holds the coveted position of Colour Director and is a member of the International Shows Teams.



Senior Creative Director Lina Ryan first got introduced to the world of Sassoon through being a model for the Sassoon collection launch 2001. Inspired with what she saw she then went on a journey from hair model, to receptionist at the Sassoon Academy, to a Diploma student and finally joining the team in London South Molton street as a stylist in 2004. From there she moved to Manchester as a Creative Director and then onwards to Los Angeles where she spend time both in the Academy and at the salon, and returned to London last year and is now based in Sassoon Covent Garden.

“Being part of the Sassoon team allows me to constantly improve and get inspired, and to keep pushing the boundaries of hair design”



Originally from Leeds, Kitty's dream came true when she joined Sassoon as an Apprentice. She wanted to learn so much more and become stronger in her craft. She could not think of being anywhere better to help her achieve this goal. Kitty then trained as a Junior Stylist with Sassoon trained Directors and she knew from that moment, that Sassoon was where she wanted to be.

With a thirst to learn more, Kitty moved to London where she completed the Comprehensive course at Sassoon Academy. A few months after completing the course, she was offered a Varderer position at the Kings Road salon where she stayed for four years before moving to the Academy to teach in 2016.

Kitty is now a key member of the Sassoon Academy team and is truly inspired to see her students grow in skill and confidence every day.



A genius with a pair of scissors, James has always been excited about the hair industry and knew very early on his career that Sassoon was where he wanted to further his career.

James joined Sassoon Salon, Manchester as a Varderer and has never looked back. His natural flair and talent for teaching saw James transfer to the London Academy as a cutting instructor and he has now become an integral member of the Sassoon Academy team.

His warm and professional approach has made him an extremely popular instructor with his students. James is inspired daily by their passion for learning and is hugely rewarded to see them develop and progress, leaving with new skills and confident.

During his career, James’s passion and dedication has seen him travel internationally, including New Delhi and Mumbai, India where he taught the ABC and Salon Creative courses.



Janice joined Sassoon in 1991 after attending an industry seminar and being inspired by then Sassoon International Director of Colour, Annie Humphreys. Following a period of time training at the Kings Road Salon, Janice went on to become a Colouring Instructor at the London Academy, a role she has remained in and where she brings her wealth of experience teaching and guiding the next generation of talented hair professionals.

Janice has also travelled extensively during her career, to numerous shows and events in Europe and the Far East as well as to Chicago, a trip awarded after winning the coveted Sassoon ‘Colour specialist of the Year’ accolade.

Janice credits Manager of the Academies, Leona Curran, UK Colour Director, Edward Darley and European Colour Director, Peter Dawson for passing on the heritage of colour knowledge that has contributed to her creative development over her career.



Pink’s love for Sassoon began in 2000 during a work experience placement at the Knightsbridge Academy, after which he began working at the South Molton Street salon where he completed his training. Pink now works as a Colour Director at the London Academy where he relishes the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and experience to students of all levels, a position he thrives in and which saw him awarded ‘Teacher of the Year’ at the 2012 Sassoon Awards.

During his career, Pink has had the opportunity to work on a number of Sassoon Academy Collections and has travelled internationally to industry seminars, most recently to Belarus for Wella Studios with UK Colour Director, Edward Darley.