Once logged into the site, navigate to the "My Dashboard" section of the site to open the course player.

See the below tutorial on how to navigate your course player.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a 'Meeting ID' to access the Live Zoom Lessons?

    No - you should not need a Meeting ID to access the Live Lessons providing you took the steps in the checklist.

  • If I miss a Live Lesson, will I be able to access the content later?

    Yes - all live Lessons are recorded and will be posted within the course player, typically within 3-5 days after they've aired. An email notification will go out indicating when they're available to view.

  • Do I need to complete all the material in a chapter to progress to the next?

    No - each chapter's material is independent from one another. If you miss a day or lesson, you can always catch up at your own pace.

  • If I've submitted an assignment, how soon can I expect that assignment to be approved?

    Given the high number of students we have, we understandably have quite a few assignments at any one time. If your assignment has not been approved within three days, reach out to

  • How do I get my certificate of completion?

    First, not all courses give certificates ex. SASSOONLINE Membership courses do not provide course certificates.

    To get your course certificate, ensure that you've viewed and/or marked all lessons as complete within a given course and that your course is showing as "100%" complete.

    If you have assignments pending approval, you will not receive your certificate just yet, but please be patient as the high volume of students means our instructors may not get to approvals for some time.

  • How do I share this course with my friends?

    It's easy. Just direct your friend to come to to take a look at our courses, sign up, and enroll. If there's a coupon code that's applicable to that course you'll have the opportunity to apply it at checkout.

  • How do I cancel my Membership?

    To cancel your membership follow the steps below:

    • Click on your Profile Icon in the top right of the page
    • Select 'My Account'
    • Click on "Billing". Here you will see your payment methods on Subscriptions
    • Click 'Cancel Subscription'

  • What is the price for a team membership?

    We can offer memberships for your team at a discounted rate. That is the yearly Sassoon Online membership at the following rates:

    10% discount for 5+ team members

    25% discount for 10+ team members

    To take advantage of this offer, please email