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2020.2 LOOKS


A multi-dimensional, reverse layered shape that uses an intricate technique and features elegant face framing details. Enhanced by vibrant combinations of complementary red tones that diffuse through the varying disconnected layers of the cut creating a stylishly subtle effect.

Cut by Scott Cottis & Colour by Edward Darley.


A balance that is based on a classic Sassoon heritage look that features a striking blend of internal reverse layering that gently diffuses into the dramatic exterior length. The shape is emphasised by the introduction of subtle, earthy tones of rich deep brown and slate dove grey.

Cut by Gareth Vance & Colour by Peter Dawson.


A utilitarian, functionally inspired bob that uses finely disconnected areas, slightly concealed panels and exaggerated interior lengths. The cut is gently accentuated by subtly highlighted tones of rose gold and strawberry blonde to produce the most deceptively stunning result.

Cut by Mark Hayes & Colour by Richie Rivera.


An extraordinary, multi-faceted shape that relies on precision technique, a feeling for shape and balance as well as a sense of proportion. The fusion of geometric cut and colour on the different areas of this incredibly graphic, three dimensional shape accentuates and delineates the look.

Cut by Silvia Salerno & Colour by Pink Grubb.


A classic shape, modernised with a new method of creation and taken to a higher level with an imaginative colour application. Inspired by Bauhaus master Wassily Kandinsky, the colours of the cosmos play with Lines and Geometry that are in dynamic tension, creating the new bob for 2020.

Cut by Petteri Rantaeilola & Colour by Carla Salceda-Vasquez.


A sultry, softly unstructured effect that belies the highly structured nature of the cut, accentuated by a combination of a rich, deep base colour and asymmetrically placed caramel tones and a bright band of green between the intricate layering that changes each time that the hair moves.

Cut by Leanne McCarthy & Colour by Stuart Ross.


A highly malleable shape that features a combination of a reverse layered interior with slightly disconnected areas that encourage movement in the hair. This is complemented by the cool combination of cool, pastel tones that spiral around the centre of a soft, sugary white base.

Cut by Mark Hayes & Colour by Caroline Spencer.


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